Jeremy W. Sheaffer

Department of Computer Science
School of Engineering and Applied Science
The University of Virginia
151 Engineer's Way, P.O. Box 400740
Charlottesville, VA 22904-4740
Me--A long time ago

I am currently a postdoc in the Department of Computer Science at The University of Virginia. I completed my Ph.D. in August 2007. My dissertation under the direction of Profs. Kevin Skadron and David Luebke addresses the problem of reliability in the domain of graphics hardware. As an early part of my dissertation work, I developed Qsilver, the first academic graphics processor simulation framework for commodity hardware. My graduate research was supported by a fellowship from ATI.

My recent publications.

I'm looking for a permanent position. Please feel free to contact me about openings.

My Erdös Number is at most 7.

I recently suggested a useful new feature to google.

I earned my M.S. from Department of Computer and Information Sciences at Temple University. At Temple, I was involved with a project aiming to develop a fault tolerant, distributed computing environment. I worked with Dr. Longin Jan Latecki in video mining research, and I completed my Master's Project under the direction of Dr. Paul Wolfgang, where I developed an object oriented compiler in C++.

I earned my undergraduate degree from Millersville University where I was a member of the NCAA Division I Wrestling team. While at Millersville, I participated in a research project developing virtual surgical trainers under Roger W. Webster, Ph.D. of the Millersville University Department of Computer Science, and Randy Haluck, M.D. and Mike Melkonian, M.D. of the Penn State University College of Medicine.


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Jeremy W. Sheaffer
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